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SEO Course breakdown

Lessons 1-5 are based around optimising your website content for both search engines and people. Lessons 6-8 will look into more advanced elements of SEO (coming soon!).

Lesson 1: Think about your keywords

We’ll consider different types of key phrases and how to pick the right ones for your site.

Lesson 2: Create an SEO content plan

I explain how to spread keywords throughout a site and use different pages to help show up for certain keywords.

Lesson 3: Add keywords to a web page

We’ll look at what makes good content and how to optimise different parts of a page.

Lesson 4: Page titles and meta descriptions

Learn how to write a good search listing and how to customise the metadata of your web page.

Lesson 5: Label your images

Learn how to add keywords to your images and how to label them for robots and all users.

Lesson 6: Page speed and SEO

Coming soon…

A jargon-free lesson to help you speed up your site (which is important for your site’s SEO and much else besides).

Lesson 7: Link building

Coming soon…

Understand your website’s wider relationship with other sites, and learn how to get different types of inbound links.

Lesson 8: Use Google Tools

Coming soon…

Learn how to measure your SEO progress and spot opportunities for further optimisation with Google Search Console. I’ll also show you how to create a professional Google Business profile.

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Bite-sized learning at your own pace

In this self-paced SEO video course you’ll learn how to make small but mighty changes to your website so it shows up better in search results and new customers can find you more easily.

The course consists of 8 parts of around 10 minutes each. Sections include demos and explanations of SEO terms and what they mean in practice for different businesses.

Because the course is self-paced, you can dip into it when it suits you and pause when you want to change things on your site as you go.

Access the course for £200

Early bird buyers get the first 5 lessons immediately, and lessons 6-8 when they become available in 2022.

When the final lessons get added, the price will increase, but not for you! You get lifetime access to the 8 lessons for the early bird price of £200.

SEO training course FAQs

Do I need coding skills to complete the course?

No! Everything you learn can be implemented via the admin area of your site or by using trusted plugins.

What if I don’t have a WordPress website?

The course features demos for practical exercises using WordPress and SquareSpace websites, but you will still be able to apply the theory if you use a different CMS.

Can I ask you questions about the course?

Yes, if any of the course content doesn’t make sense, feel free to send me a message and I’ll be happy to clarify.

If you require personalised advice about your website’s SEO, I can provide private SEO training and consultancy.

Can I get a refund if the course is not for me?

I hope this SEO course will be useful for any small business owner to improve your website. If you are not happy with the course, I will provide refunds requested within 7 days of your purchase.

Why doesn’t my website show up on Google?

There are many potential reasons a website does not show up on Google. Often this is simply because you don’t have the right keywords in the right places.

We cover this and other challenges in the SEO course, or you can book a website consultancy power hour during which we can investigate your particular issue.

Can I book you to improve my website’s SEO?

Yes! Check out my web design consultancy services to see how I can help you with customised and 1-2-1 SEO support for businesses in Manchester and the UK.

Got a different question? Please get in touch.

The Manchester web designer & SEO consultant Paul Jardine.

Want some personal SEO training?

Maybe video learning isn't for you and you'd prefer personalised SEO training or 1:1 help with a specific challenge.

That's fine, I can help and I have a couple of options for you! Get in touch to arrange your 1:1 tuition or website consultancy so we can get your site performing in Search!

1-2-1 SEO Tuition