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Course Introduction

On the SEO for Small Business course you’ll learn how to make small but mighty changes to your website so it shows up better in search results and new customers can find you more easily.

In this short introduction video, I’ll run through what you can expect from each lesson.

Lesson 1: Think about your keywords

  • How to pick the right key phrases for your website
  • Types of key phrases
  • Assessing your competition

Lesson 2: Create an SEO content plan

  • How to spread your keywords throughout your website
  • How to use different pages to help show up for certain keywords
  • Examples of content plans in action

Lesson 3: Add keywords to a web page

  • Look at the parts of a web page that we can optimise
  • What makes good content?
  • Examples of well-optimised pages

Lesson 4: Page titles and meta-descriptions

  • How to write a good Google listing
  • Examples of good meta descriptions
  • How to customise the metadata of your web page

Lesson 5: Label your images

  • The importance of website accessibility
  • How to add keywords to your images
  • How to label your images

Lesson 6: Page speed and SEO

  • Why page speed is important for your site’s SEO (and much else besides)
  • Jargon-free tips for speeding up your website

Lesson 7: Link building

  • How to view your website’s wider relationship with other sites
  • Different types of inbound links
  • How to get inbound links

Lesson 8: Use Google Search Console

  • How to use Google Search Console to submit your optimised pages to Google
  • Study your search data to spot opportunities for further optimisation and measure your progress